In fruit crops, the main needs are as follows:

By adding FORTEC-FR organomineral fertilisers, we can increase the chlorophyll content, regulate the tree’s vigour and reduce alternate bearing. Once vigour has been reduced, we achieve higher yields and calibres (IRTA-2020).


Nutritional deficiencies

Fruit crops require large amounts of Ca, S, Zn, Mn, which are generally supplied in smaller quantities than the crop needs.

The FORTEC-FR and NUBIECOL ranges naturally contain a large amount of these 4 elements, thus providing an easy solution for fertilising with these nutrients.

Excess vigour

Excess vigour penalises the 4 parameters linked to production:
• fruit set
• calibre
• colour
• brix.
At the same time, an extra cost is generated when pruning. This excess is linked to the excessive supply and uncontrolled absorption of mineral nitrogen.

The gradual release of organic nitrogen plus the supply of microelements (#FRpower) facilitates the farmer’s control of the plantation. This effect is achieved with the Fortec-FR, Verfor-FR and Nubiecol fertiliser ranges.


A fertilisation based on N-P-K entails a nutritional imbalance due to a deficit of microelements. This deficit reduces the natural defences against pathogens and pests.

The lack of #microelements and essential minerals decreases the plant’s natural defences, such as vitamins, enzymes, etc. Through #FRpower we are able to provide and supply the plant with all the necessary nutrients to activate its natural response to aggression.

Fertiliser benefits

For cultivation

  • Balanced
    and regulated cultivation.
  • Improved fruit set.
  • Improved health.
  • Higher
  • Increased
    reserves for

For the farmer

  • We carry out
    organic and mineral
    fertilisation in a single application.
  • We provide a large amount
    of #microelements.
  • We improve the efficiency
    of nutrients.
  • We facilitate fertilisation

For harvesting

  • We improve brix.
  • We improve colour.
  • We improve calibre.

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