Range products

The VERFOR-FR range of fertilisers is made up of pure organic fertilisers or combined with a mineral amendment.

  • High microelement content, provided by our #FRpower technology.
  • VERFOR-FR fertilisers come exclusively from the #multifem manure composting process.
  • Transformation process of organic matter by eliminating weed seeds and pathogens.

Our #FRpower technology is incorporated into this range of fertilisers at the beginning of the composting process to increase the content of #microelements.

A cross-sectional concept in our products is the immediate assimilation of their nutrients by the plant. READY TO GO!!! Our products feed the plant from the moment they hit the ground. #minutezero

v-FR basic

Organic fertiliser from composting manure from controlled and selected farms. 


Organic fertiliser from the ripening of our #starter with bicalcium phosphate.


Premium organic fertiliser made from a selection of manures to obtain a superior product.

V-FR basic+S

Organic sulphur fertiliser from the ripening of our #starter with sulphur.


Basic organic fertiliser from poultry manure composting. Contains quick-release nitrogen.


Organic amendment from composting cattle manure.

Greencow Golf

Organic amendment specially designed and manufactured for lawns. Highly recommended for golf courses and sports green areas.