The core of our success is based on the flexibility, reliability, quality and constant innovation of our products, as well as the ongoing and professional interaction of our technicians with agricultural producers.

The Inprog-Innoferti Group was established at the beginning of the 21st century by Martí Cabré-Verdiell and Anna Picas, two agronomists with a vision of the future and a special sensitivity for the environment.

These two engineers understood that NPK-based fertilisation was obsolete and that a new way of dealing with it was needed. In 2010, they opened a manure composting plant and later a plant for the production of organomineral fertilisers, thus giving up on chemical fertilisation based solely on NPK.

At present, the Inprog-Innoferti Group is a benchmark in the industry and a recognised leader in the world of organic, organomineral and ecological fertilisation thanks to our know-how, the use of the #3Ms theory and our expertise.

Abonadora Inprog aplicando abono órgano mineral en cultivo extensivo


The group's MISSION is to produce fertilisers that provide all those nutrients (32 elements) that plants need, hence achieving an improvement in farms, an increase in crop production, while providing value through fertilisation based on the #3Ms (Minerals – Organic Matter – Microorganisms) and always under the motto of Environmentally Friendly.


At present, our VISION is to expand our science without borders being an obstacle for us.


All the above without forgetting the VALUES on which we base our teamwork to achieve customer satisfaction and ensure the well-being of our employees: Honesty, Quality, Social Responsibility and Respect for the Environment.


Martí Cabré-Verdiell i Amich


Administrative Director

Anna Picas i Vidal


Head of R&D&I Technical Office

Jordi Camps i Viola

Technical Agricultural Engineer


Sònia Gomez i Hoyas

Logistics Department

Sales Managers

Extensive Crops and Production Manager

Pere Abel i Barro

Technical Agricultural Engineer and Technical Industrial Engineer

Extremadura Area – Western Andalusia – Toledo

Juan Manuel Peña i Zapata

Technical Agricultural Engineer

Technical Team

  • Àngel Lucena 
  • Dani Mujdei
  • Pol Riera
  • Lassana Seydi
  • Tidiane Djitte


  • Ares Arola 
  • Maika Triñaque