Range products

NUBIECOL are certified fertilisers for ORGANIC FARMING

  • High microelement content, provided by our #FRpower technology.
  • Incorporation of a natural microbiological complex called #biomix.
  • Fertilisers without weed seeds.

These organic fertilisers are the result of composting #ECOfem manure from organic farms.

Naturally occurring microelements are added to these #ECOfem blends using our #FRpower technology.

Adding a natural microbiological complex like #biomix to NUBIECOL increases the quantity and biodiversity of microorganisms. #biomix improves the transformation of the soil’s organic matter into humus.

A cross-sectional concept in our products is the immediate assimilation of their nutrients by the plant. READY TO GO!!! Our products feed the plant from the moment they hit the ground. #minutezero

Nubiecol C

A family of organic fertilisers formulated and designed to achieve high-yield organic crops.

Nubiecol orgánico

Group of organic fertilisers formulated and designed for crops with high potassium requirements.

Nubiecol nitro

A family of organic fertilisers formulated for organic crops with high nitrogen requirements.

Nubiecol basics

Group of organic and ecological fertilisers. Specific fertilisers designed to meet specific objectives.