Range products

Productivity without frills.

VERDE is the range of ORGANOMINERAL fertilisers manufactured by INPROG, specially designed for extensive crops, such as: cereals, alfalfa, rapeseed and maize.

The more energetic release of nitrogen and its high S+Zn content imbues extensive crops with more vigour, hence achieving higher yields.

VERDE combines the benefits of mineral and organic fertilisers in a single fertiliser, providing organic and mineral fertilisation with a high content of #microelements in a single application.

A cross-sectional concept in our products is the immediate assimilation of their nutrients by the plant. READY TO GO!!! Our products feed the plant from the moment they hit the ground #minutezero.


  • Verde Alfalfa 3-6-3 +S+Ca+Zn
  • Verde Alfalfa 4-5-3 +S+Ca+Zn
  • Verde Cereal 4-6-3 +S+Ca+Zn
  • Verde Maiz 5-4-3 +S+Ca+Zn
  • Verde Cereal 5-3-4 +S+Ca+Zn
  • Verde Alfalfa 3-4-5 +S+Ca+Zn
  • Verde Cereal 4-3-5 +S+Ca+Zn
  • Verde Maiz 4-5-5 +S+Ca+Zn