Optimus 3-3-3 + 5% CaO + 50% OM

Premium organic fertiliser made from a selection of manures to obtain a superior product. Specially selected for its high NPK and organic matter content. A fertiliser produced using our #multifem technology.

In the same composting process, the #biomix and #FRpower technologies are added, which provide microbiology and #microelements, respectively. Thus, we obtain a biologically activated and remineralised fertiliser.

This organic fertiliser can be used as a base fertiliser and supplemented with other fertilisers during the crop cycle.

Fertiliser benefits

For cultivation

  • Its versatility addresses multiple nutritional problems.
  • Its NPK content makes it a base fertiliser.
  • We incorporate a large amount of microelements for a more balanced nutrition of the plant.
  • Its C/N ratio ensures nitrogen availability from #minutezero, #Readytogo.
  • It provides stable organic matter that generates a high humus content.

For the farmer

  • We perform a remineralised and microbiologically activated organic fertilisation.
  • For all kinds of crops, it can be used as a base fertiliser.
  • It improves the organic matter content in the soil.
  • It improves fertilisation management, #microelements +NPK.

For harvesting

  • It increases fruit firmness.
  • More homogeneous calibres.
  • Better fruit set.

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