Trial on the Impact on Olive Tree Production in Extremadura Using Organomineral Fertilisers CTAEX – Extremadura

A study that Inprog has developed together with CTAEX (Agrifood Technology Centre of Extremadura).

INPROG, in collaboration with CTAEX (Agrifood Technology Centre of Extremadura), has started a trial in olive plantations to study the benefits of organomineral fertilisation.

The aim of this trial is to analyse the differences in the production of an organomineral fertiliser (FORTEC-FR OLEUM 4-3-7) versus a conventional chemical fertiliser on the Arbequina olive tree variety in super-intensive plantations.

We have used 2,000 kg/ha of organomineral fertiliser to carry out the studies, always with the same NPK units.

  • Organomineral INPROG fertiliser FORTEC-FR OLEUM 4-3-7
  • Chemical Fertiliser 

Studies have focused on determining the differences in production parameters and fruit determinations:

  • kg of oil / ha
  • kg of olives / ha
  • % of fat yield


The following tables/graphs summarise the main productive parameters analysed. A fertilisation with FORTEC-FR OLEUM 4-3-7 increases the gross yield, as well as the kg of oil/ha obtained, compared to chemical fertilisation. No differences are observed in terms of fat yield.


This section shows the values obtained in the first year of recording the parameters related to the fruit: Number of fruits per tree, Average Fruit Weight (g) and Average Fruit Calibre (mm). 

The following table shows the comparisons between both treatments. The plot fertilised with FORTEC-FR OLEUM 4-3-7 records a higher number of fruits per tree, the fruits have a higher average weight (g) and, finally, a slight difference can be seen in the following two parameters: olives per kg and average fruit calibre (mm).


From the results obtained during the 1st year, the following can be deduced:

  • Olive oil and fruit production is 50% higher in the field treated with FORTEC-FR OLEUM 4-3-7.
  • The differences between both treatments are due to the following:
    • The previous existence of one or more limiting elements in the soil before starting the trial.
    • FORTEC-FR OLEUM 4-3-7 has incorporated all those elements that the plant needed and were not found in the soil.
  • Our experience in other trials, IRTA-Mas Badia 2020, leads us to believe that this difference will be maintained in the coming years.


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