Our products achieve a double purpose. With the #FRpower technology plus fast nitrogen we obtain a good implantation and a vigorous start of the crop. In turn, with our organic nitrogen we achieve a gradual development until the end of the cycle.



Extensive crops need microelements like all crops. Even if the quantities are small, intensive exploitation and non-replenishment reduce the productive potential of the soil. With the resulting drop in yields. Among the microelements, the following elements stand out.

Our fertilisers with #FRpower partially or totally solve these problems.

Soil issues

Most extensively cultivated soils suffer from a gradual loss of chemical and organic fertility. The first step to solve this problem is the supply of organic matter.

An organic or organomineral fertiliser is a smart way to solve the problem. VERDE, VERFOR and NUBIECOL are specifically designed for this purpose.



The combination of Starter Nitrogen, together with an organic nitrogen, in combination with the cover crop nitrogen, achieves an efficient management of the crop’s needs:
- Starter Nitrogen -> Implantation
- Chemical Cover Crop Nitrogen -> Development
- Organic Nitrogen -> End of cycle

Phosphorus availability

All phosphorus bound to organic matter are easier to assimilate.
- Organic matter prevents precipitation by other cations, such as calcium, aluminium or magnesium.
- Phosphorus bound to matter remains in assimilable forms, regardless of pH.

As this phosphorus is more efficient, the need for phosphorus fertilisation is gradually reduced. GALLICOMPOST and VERDE plus NUBIECOL mainly contain phosphorus bound to organic matter.

Excess potassium

This leads to blockages of other cations, such as calcium or magnesium. A balanced fertilisation solves these issues.


Low sulphur content in the soil leads to a lower chlorophyll content, which in turn reduces yields. The supply of this element, bound to organic matter, leads to a more vigorous, greener and more productive plant.

Fertiliser benefits

For cultivation

  • Vigorous and well-nourished
  • Improved grain
  • Improved health.
  • Higher yields.

For the farmer

  • We carry out
    organic and mineral
    fertilisation in a single application.
  • We provide a large amount
    of #microelements.
  • We improve the efficiency
    of nutrients.
  • We facilitate fertilisation

For harvesting

  • Higher specific weight.
  • Higher vegetative mass.
  • More nutritious forage
    (higher content of trace
    elements and vitamins):

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Recommended products

Saco de abono organo-mineral y ecológico Gamma Verde de Inprog


Range of organomineral fertilisers manufactured by INPROG, specially designed for extensive crops, such as: cereals, alfalfa, rapeseed and maize.

Saco de abono organo-mineral y ecológico Gamma Verdor de Inprog

Galli compost

Basic organic fertiliser from poultry manure composting. Specially selected for its high NPK content.

Saco de abono organo-mineral y ecológico Gamma Verdor de Inprog

Verfor phosca

Organic fertiliser from the ripening of our #starter with bicalcium phosphate.

F-FR Standard

Organomineral fertiliser for crops with high needs (peach/nectarine, tomato, pepper).

Saco Gamma Nubiecol de Inprog

Galli bio

Ecological organic fertiliser from chicken manure suitable for organic farming. Specially for extensive crops.

Saco Gamma Nubiecol de Inprog

Nubiecol C

A family of organic fertilisers formulated and designed to achieve high-yield organic crops.

Saco Gamma Nubiecol de Inprog

Nubiecol nitro

A family of organic fertilisers formulated for organic crops with high nitrogen requirements.

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