How to dissolve rock flour

Knowing the ways to dissolve some rocks to get rock flour

Dissolving the rock will depend on both the economic and habitability possibilities of the person or company working with rock flour.

Here are some of the ways to dissolve rocks:

  1. Crushing with an industrial crushing plant.
  2. Crushing with a home mill.
  3. Crushing by hand using a flat stone and grinding with a small one (fulling mill)
  4. Heating them strongly in an oven and putting them in cold water, in case the rocks are very hard.

A very important aspect that must be taken into account is the fineness of the rock flour. The finer it is, the more available it will be for the plant.
To check the great results of rock flour, producers can grind it in the fulling stone and incorporate it into a small plot.

This article was originally drafted by Walter Carvallo Mendoza.


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