Saco Gamma Nubiecol de Inprog

Galli Bio

Ecological organic fertiliser from chicken manure suitable for organic farming.

Galli Bio is specially designed and intended for certified extensive crops in organic farming.

Fertiliser benefits

For cultivation

  • Its NPK content makes it a unique base fertiliser.
  • Its C/N ratio ensures nitrogen availability from #minutezero, #Readytogo.
  • It contains very fast-acting nitrogen.
  • It provides stable organic matter that generates a high humus content.

For the farmer

  • We carry out organic and mineral fertilisation in a single application.
  • For all EXTENSIVE crops, it can be used as a full base fertiliser.
  • It improves the organic matter content in the soil.

For harvesting

  • It increases production.
  • It increases specific weight.

Available formats

Big Bag fertilizante generico Inprog

Big bag

Compost Inprog estiércol compostado


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