With the NUBIECOL range, we provide solutions to these needs of organic farming, hence improving the health and production of different crops.


Unstable OM

The application of unstable/stabilised organic matter creates soil imbalances as a result of the incorporation of rapidly degradable organic carbon. C/N ratios > 15 sequesters available soil nitrogen.

The selection of raw material (selected manure) #Ecofem and the INPROG composting process ensure that NUBIECOL-FR products have a C/N ratio of less than 12, hence providing nitrogen for the crop.

Low-available organic nitrogen

The most limiting factor in organic farming is the nitrogen available to the crop. To have nitrogen available in the soil, we need the organic fertiliser to have a C/N ratio < 15 and for the soil to be biologically active.

The NUBIECOL range provides the following:
• A high content of organic nitrogen
• A well-composted product (C/N<12)
• Biologically activated #biomix

Nutritional deficiencies

Organic crops (and conventional ones as well) require large quantities of microelements for their (active and passive) immune system to work properly. It should be remembered that the plant feeds on 32 nutrients.

The NUBIECOL range provides all the nutrients the plant needs through its #FRPower technology. This technology is based on a process which incorporates different rock flours into OM.

What do we look for in an ORGANIC FERTILISER?


An ecological SOIL poor in organic matter

In organic farming, FERTILISATION is done differently

Following the N-P-K pattern is not enough

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