The new way of understanding fertilisation in GOLF and Green Areas leads us to the use of compost and organic materials that are environmentally friendly and improve the health of the lawn.

GREEN-COW meets the new requirements in lawn fertilisation, it is ORGANIC and provides everything the grass needs.

Unpleasant smells

One of the most important drawbacks in the incorporation of compost and organic matter in lawns is the possible bad smells coming from these compounds.

GREEN-COW does not give off bad smells. In fact, it gives off a pleasant smell of forest soil. Thanks to the incorporation of #Biomix, this organic fertiliser smells like forest soil.


In the case of sports turf and golf courses, the lack of organic matter increases the number and severity of fungal attacks.

Microbiological Reality: The lack of biological competence (beneficial microorganisms) increases crop diseases, whereas INPROG products incorporate a large number of beneficial microorganisms thanks to #biomix, hence significantly reducing fungal and bacterial infections.

Physicochemical Reason: The lack of #microelements and essential elements decrease the plants’ natural defences. Through #FRpower we are able to provide and supply the plant with all the necessary nutrients to keep the secondary metabolism active, which stimulates the plant’s natural defences.

Incorporation into the lawn

Thanks to the manufacturing process, GREEN-COW comes in a particle size that facilitates its fast incorporation into the soil through the turf.

Particle size: The product comes in powder form, with a very small particle size that allows for quick transition into the turf.

Absence of clods: The lack of cohesion of GREEN-COW prevents large aggregates from forming. If they do form, they are short-lived and easy to break up.

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