Nubiecol Basics

Group of organic and ecological fertilisers. Specific fertilisers designed to meet specific objectives.  

Ecological fertilisers with a high content of superior organic matter, designed to carry out biological work and enrich the soil with organic matter.

Their main feature is the humus content they generate in the soil. (ISMO)

They keep the balance between organic matter, minerals and microorganisms, based on the #3Ms theory.

Its organic matter content is ideal for maintaining and increasing the soil’s organic fertility and biological conditions

It is microbiologically activated with our #biomix biological complex. It balances soil life in a broad and orderly way (variety and quantity).

Organic composted manure

Ecological organic fertiliser manufactured as the base of our developed ecological fertilisers.

Galli Bio

Ecological organic fertiliser from chicken manure suitable for organic farming.
Specially for extensive crops.


Ecological organic fertiliser. From composting cattle manure, suitable for all crops.

GreenCow golf

Organic amendment specially designed and manufactured for lawns. Highly recommended for GOLF courses and sports green areas.