Why organominerals?

Because We respect the #3Mss Our fertilisers are #ReadytoGO We increase efficiency We reduce losses It is a complete base fertiliser

We are committed to balanced fertilisation, where NPK must be included along with 29 micronutrients (NPK + 29), a wide variety of microorganisms and stabilised, high-quality organic matter.

INPROG organomineral fertilisers achieve the following:

ORGANOMINERAL fertilisers are obtained by mixing the #Multifem organic base, which is produced in our facilities, and mineral fertilisers, such as Bicalcium Phosphate, Potash and Ammonium Sulphate. This organic base (#starter) is always enriched with #microelements from our #FRpower technology.


We carry out mineral fertilisation and at the same time respect the principles of the #3Ms.

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There are many studies that confirm this.