Immediate availability of NUTRIENTS Organic matter with a high degree of HUMIDIFICATION Fast incorporation into the SOIL High BIOLOGICAL activity #minutezero

For a product to be #ReadytoGO! It must have the 3 technologies developed by INPROG:


The manure to be composted
must have optimum
physical and
chemical properties.


Inoculation of #Biomix
incorporates microorganisms
specialised in the
transformation of OM.


It manages to provide all the
nutrients that the plant will need.

The INPROG Composting System defines the timing and processes to incorporate and/or implement our #Multifem, #FRpower and #Biomix technologies at the right time.

The INPROG Composting System is able to humify and generate the ideal particle size for its fast and immediate absorption by the soil, hence facilitating its application.

In the same process, #Biomix microorganisms facilitate the bioavailability of OM nutrients, as well as #FRpower.

INPROG products feed the plant from the moment they hit the ground: #minutezero.