Organic composted manure

An organic fertiliser from beef cattle suitable for organic farming. #ECOfem

Manufactured according to the #3Ms theory.

In the same composting process, the #biomix and #FRpower technologies are added, which provide microbiology and #microelements, respectively. Thus, we obtain a biologically activated and remineralised fertiliser.

This is the organic base #ECOstarter with which we produce most of our organic fertilisers.

Fertiliser benefits

For cultivation

  • Base fertiliser in which an optimal balance between organic matter, minerals and microorganisms is maintained. The basis of the #3Ms.

For the farmer

  • Its organic matter content is ideal for maintaining the soil’s organic fertility, as well as the level of microelements and biological conditions.

For harvesting

  • It is an excellent base fertiliser that allows you to apply a large amount of product without damaging the crop.
  • It is also microbiologically activated with our #biomix biological complex. It balances soil life in a broad and orderly way (variety and quantity).

Available formats

Big bag


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