At INPROG, we have given up on chemical fertilisation, based solely on NPK.

In the 21st century, we approach fertilisation from a global perspective, which includes the Plant-Soil-Microorganisms set, and use the #3Ms Theory to achieve this.

INPROG has developed a process in which it manages to efficiently integrate microelements + NPK, organic matter and microorganisms, respecting the 3Ms theory.

The process is based on a sequence of phases that include three proprietary technologies: #Multifem, #FRpower and #biomix, which help to obtain more efficient fertilisers.

At INPROG, we are committed to Organomineral or Organic Products, and to Ecological Products, in which we combine the benefits of NPK, organic matter, microelements and microorganisms in a single fertiliser.

Proceso de fabricación fertilizantes Inprog
Proceso de fabricación fertilizantes Inprog


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Do you know the #3Ms theory?

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