Fortec-FR Clasic 5-5-5 + 8% CaO + 9% SO3 + 40% OM + Microelements

Organomineral fertiliser with a multi-purpose balance, suitable for all types of crops and soils, especially horticultural crops. 

It is a full base fertiliser, suitable for use on soils with multiple deficiencies.

It combines a balanced NPK with calcium, sulphur, organic matter and microelements in a single product.

Special for ...

Fruit trees

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Cherry tree

Horticultural crops

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Woody crops

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Fertiliser benefits

For cultivation

  • Its versatility addresses multiple nutritional problems.
  • We incorporate sulphur, calcium and microelements for a more balanced plant nutrition.
  • The incorporation of sulphur and microelements increases the leaf surface and the productive capacity of the plant.
  • It improves the absorption of potassium, phosphorus and calcium, as they are available in complexed forms with organic matter.

For the farmer

  • We carry out organic and mineral fertilisation in a single application.
  • For all kinds of crops, it can be used as a full base fertiliser.
  • Improves fertilisation management.

For harvesting

  • It increases fruit firmness.
  • Increase in Brix degrees.
  • Colour increase.
  • More homogeneous calibres.
  • Better fruit set.

Available formats


Big Bag fertilizante generico Inprog

Big bag

Compost Inprog estiércol compostado


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