Fertilizante organomineral Fortec

Fortec-FR Basic 3-5-3 + 9% CaO + 40% OM + Microelements

Organomineral fertiliser designed for the supply of phosphorus and complexed calcium, together with organic matter and microelements.

Phosphorus and calcium are naturally complexed with organic matter and thus easily assimilated.

Special for ...

Fruit trees

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Horticultural crops

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Extensive crops

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Woody crops

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Almond tree

Fertiliser benefits

For cultivation

  • 85% of phosphorus can be assimilated immediately.
  • 90% of calcium can be assimilated immediately.
  • Moreover, as phosphorus and calcium are bound to organic matter:
    1. Its efficiency is increased;
    2. Its loss in light soils is reduced.
    3. We provide a large amount of secondary elements and #FRpower #microelements.

For the farmer

  • We carry out organic and mineral fertilisation in a single application.
  • It reduces or eliminates the need for mineral fertiliser.
  • Improved fertilisation management.

For harvesting

  • It increases fruit firmness.
  • It reduces calcium-related physiopathies like "bitter pit" or "tipburn".
  • Improved leaf quality in green crops.

Available formats


Big Bag fertilizante generico Inprog

Big bag

Compost Inprog estiércol compostado


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Fertilizante organomineral Fortec

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Fertilizante organomineral Fortec

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