Fortec-FR a la Carta

INPROG has developed a flexible manufacturing system. The system allows us to manufacture our organomineral fertilisers by modifying their balance and respecting our quality.

This system allows you to adapt the balances to the different needs of each crop and farmer.

The customised manufacturing system allows the farmer to obtain a fertiliser adapted to their crop, soil and handling.

Available formats


Big bag


Related products

F-FR Complet

Organomineral fertiliser for crops with high needs (peach/nectarine, tomato, pepper).

F-FR Flash

Organomineral fertiliser intended for the implantation of all types of crops, especially fruit and woody crops.


Organomineral fertiliser for apple and vine growing. It is a single-application fertiliser according to the quantities applied.

F-FR Clasic

Organomineral fertiliser with a multi-purpose balance, suitable for all types of crops and soils, especially horticultural crops.


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