A system to increase the quantity and diversity of nutrients Mixture of rock flours Anaerobic process + Aerobic process Increase of microelements Highly assimilable nutrients

#FRpower is the system developed by INPROG technicians to increase and diversify the #microelements within OM.

#FRpower mixes rock flours and, after a series of manufacturing processes, manages to transform the nutrients in these flours into forms that can be assimilated by plants.

With this system, we manage to introduce elements, such as Si, Se, Sr, I, Ni, V, Co, Li, Rb, Br, F, etc., as well as increasing the Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu, B, Mo, Ni contents.

These #microelements are of great importance in secondary metabolic pathways, many of them are important in self-defence systems or in processes to increase BRIX or COLOUR.

#FRpower is a system that has been developed and patented by INPROG.

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