Do you know the #3Ms theory?

Because We respect the #3Mss Our fertilisers are #ReadytoGO We increase efficiency We reduce losses It is a complete base fertiliser

It is a modern and innovative theory based on a global management of Minerals (32 elements) – Organic Matter – Microorganisms.

Did you know?

In many cases, a nutritional deficiency is not caused by a lack of nutrients, but by a lack of organisms capable of releasing that nutrient.

The #3Ms theory is based on three pillars, Minerals, Microorganisms and Organic Matter. These #3Ms are closely related, and the deficiency in any of them affects the correct and optimal nutrition of the crop.

The aim of this theory is to ensure that the plant obtains the 32 nutrients it needs for its correct development. The theory explains how these nutrients can be delivered directly or indirectly. 

If you want to know more ...

Do you understand the relationship between OM, microorganisms and nutrients? Are all 32 nutrients equally important? Do you know how microorganisms unlock P, Fe, Ca, Zn ...?