In olive tree cultivation, fertilisation seeks to obtain high yields in terms of quantity and quality of oil.

Therefore, fertilisers must be designed to increase lipogenic metabolism, as well as to achieve the correct development of the plant and ensure another successful harvest.

INPROG develops specific fertilisers for the different stages of growth (implantation and transition) and production.


Fat yield

In modern olive tree cultivation, the aim is to maximise oil yield and its organoleptic quality.

Both parameters, and especially lipogenesis, are linked to the availability of #microelements and easily assimilated potassium.

The FORTEC-FR and NUBIECOL ranges naturally contain (#FRpower) all the nutrients required, together with complexed potassium, to improve their assimilation.

Fertilisation cases

The following three parameters are sought after in all types of olive tree plantation:

  • Quick production start: In olive tree cultivation, it is important to form the tree quickly. Elements such as sulphur, phosphorus, calcium and #microelements achieve quick formation and a broad structure. Recommended product: Fortec-FR Flash, learn more.
  • Reduction of alternate bearing: The supply of #microelements, complexed potash and extended-release organic nitrogen minimise the olive tree's alternate bearing. 
  • Extending the useful life of the plantation: Lack of vigour control leads to excessive wood production, thus leading to a reduction in the useful life of the production. Organic nitrogen, #microelements and essential minerals are part of the solution.

INPROG fertilisers manage to efficiently provide all the nutrients needed to achieve a high fruit set, thus reducing alternate bearing, bringing forward the start of production and extending the useful life of the plantation. Thus, we can maximise production over time.

Key nutrients

In olive tree cultivation, there are four elements that are key to obtaining high yields:


Low sulphur content in the soil leads to a lower chlorophyll content, which in turn reduces yields.


Zinc deficiency reduces the crop’s yield potential. Low levels considerably reduce fatty acid production capacity.


An essential mineral to ensure a high level of fruit set.


Low calcium content conditions high yields. A mineral that is not valued in specific literature.

The FORTEC-FR and NUBIECOL ranges naturally contain (#FRpower) a large amount of these 4 elements, thus providing an easy, direct and efficient solution for fertilising with these nutrients.

Prevention of nutritional deficiencies

In most cases, nutritional deficiencies become visible when the damage is severe. Prior to this, the crop has already undergone stress, which has an impact on the yield. It is very important that the most scarce or least available nutrients are always available from the onset of the vegetative cycle.

In the case of olive trees, these minerals are as follows:

  • Boron
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Sulphur
  • Strontium

The annual supply of FORTEC-FR and NUBIECOL fertilisers guarantees the correct nutrition of the crop, while correcting both visible and non-visible nutritional deficiencies. The annual supply of all the essential minerals bound to a stable organic matter of noble origin (#multifem) is crucial.

Cumulative effect

The supply, year after year, of the FORTEC-FR and NUBIECOL products improves production both in terms of calibres and kg/ha. This is the conclusion obtained in a trial at IRTA-Mas Badia on the cultivation of apple trees. These results can be applied to all woody crops.

This increase is due to the accumulation, in the soil, of #microelements and essential elements available to the plant. This allows the plant to regulate itself and produce more and better.

Fertiliser benefits

For cultivation

  • Mitigation of alternate bearing.
  • Reduced defoliation.
  • Increased fruit set.
  • Growth of
    offshoots, while ensuring
    the next harvest.
  • Extending the
    crop lifespan.

For the farmer

  • Easy and
    efficient incorporation of a large amount
    of #microelements.
  • We provide a large amount
    of essential
    #FRpower minerals.
  • We rebalance
    soil microbiology
  • We facilitate the management of
    N-P-K fertilisation.

For harvesting

  • We improve
    fat yields.
  • We improve organoleptic
  • We improve the calibre of
    table olives.

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