Lettuce cultivation is a widely distributed crop throughout the country. In the different regions, lettuce shows the same problems and needs. This diversity leads to a differentiated management according to agro-climatic and soil conditions.

Lettuce is a demanding and highly technical crop. As it is short-cycle crop (60-120 days), it requires that all nutrients are available throughout the crop cycle.


Tip burn

One of the major challenges in lettuce cultivation is the reduction or elimination of TIPBURN.

Available calcium

Most of the calcium contained in the soil is not available to lettuce. FORTEC, VERFOR and NUBIECOL contain calcium bound to organic matter, which improves the efficiency of root uptake.

High microelement content

Part of the problem with TIPBURN is due to the lack of microelements available to the plant. FORTEC, VERFOR and NUBIECOL contain a large amount and diversity of microelements that are available to the plant.

Biologically active organic matter

A biologically activated quality matter (without phytotoxins) improves the well-being of lettuce, while helping to absorb the minerals present in the soil and in the organic matter itself.

All INPROG fertilisers provide, to a greater or lesser extent, calcium and microelements complexed with organic matter, which ensures good plant nutrition.

Fertilisation cases

In lettuce cultivation, as in many horticultural crops, we set ourselves the following goals:

  • Vigorous onset: In lettuce cultivation, a quick and vigorous start of the crop is required, as it is a short-cycle crop. Therefore, an early application of nitrate is recommended. 
  • Homogeneous growth: It is important that the crop develops homogeneously, in order to unify the harvest of lettuce. A crucial factor is the availability of all #microelements. Thus, INPROG incorporates #FRpower technology in its products.
  • Visual quality: To obtain good yields and quality in lettuce cultivation, visual assessments of the lettuce are important. The turgidity, colour and absence of damage (burned edges, dry leaves, etc.) are closely linked to the availability of nutrients, especially #microelements. Thanks to the incorporation of #FRpower, FORTEC-FR and NUBIECOL fertilisers solve an important part of the problem.

General nutritional deficiencies

With regard to lettuce, there are three elements that limit yields and quality:


This nutrient is highly necessary to avoid fission damage, such as tipburn or burns on the edges of the lettuce. The initial supply of calcium in FORTEC-FR products achieves a significant reduction of this problem.


Low sulphur content in the soil leads to a lower chlorophyll content, which in turn reduces yields. It also reduces the plant’s greenness.

Zinc and molybdenum

Lettuce is highly sensitive to Zn and Mo deficiency, while showing deficiencies only in severe cases. The lack of these elements reduces the crop’s yield potential. An early supply prevents possible damage.

The FORTEC-FR and NUBIECOL ranges naturally contain a large amount of these 4 elements, thus providing an easy and efficient solution for fertilising with these nutrients.


In horticultural crops and specifically lettuce, organic soil management helps to better control diseases and pathogens.

  • Microbiological reality: The lack of biological competence (beneficial microorganisms) increases crop diseases, whereas INPROG products incorporate a large number of beneficial microorganisms thanks to #biomix, hence significantly reducing fungal and bacterial infections.
  • Physicochemical reason: The lack of #microelements and essential elements decreases the plants’ natural defences. Through #FRpower we are able to provide and supply the plant with all the necessary nutrients to keep the secondary metabolism active, which stimulates the plant’s natural defences.

Prevention of nutritional deficiencies

In most cases, nutritional deficiencies become visible when the damage is severe. Prior to this, the crop has already undergone stress, which has an impact on the yield. It is very important that the most scarce or least available nutrients are always available from the onset of the vegetative cycle.

In the case of lettuce, these minerals are as follows:

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Molybdenum
  • Zinc
  • Sulphur
  • Iron
  • Magnesium

The pre-planting supply of FORTEC-FR and NUBIECOL fertilisers guarantees the correct nutrition of the crop, thus correcting both visible and non-visible nutritional deficiencies. The initial supply of all the essential minerals bound to stable organic matter of noble origin (#multifem) is crucial.

Cumulative effect

The supply, year after year, of the FORTEC-FR and NUBIECOL products improves production in terms of size and weight. This is the conclusion reached in trials carried out by the company and in research centres.

This increase is due to the accumulation, in the soil, of #microelements and essential elements available to the plant. This allows the plant to regulate itself and produce more and better.

What do experts think?

Fertiliser benefits

For cultivation

  • Improved head development.
  • Homogeneous
  • Decrease in
    diseases, such as tipburn.

For the farmer

  • Easy and
    efficient incorporation of a large amount
    of #microelements.
  • We provide a large amount
    of essential
    #FRpower minerals.
  • We rebalance
    soil microbiology
  • We improve the efficiency of
    P, Ca and S nutrients.

For harvesting

  • More homogeneous plants.
  • Decrease in losses
    due to rotting.

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